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A morning of games at La Clariana!

On Sunday, 19/11/23, we participated in the Waste Prevention Week of the Barcelona City Council with a fantastic awareness initiative for the little ones (and passing parents) through various activities set up in the green space of La Clariana de Glories in Barcelona.

From the Positive Fashion Club, we invited everyone to play the new educational card game Paco & Pepe!

Paco and Pepe are a pair of fun socks that got separated on the way to the laundry one day. Oh no! Now, one of them is pink! What does the future hold for them? Will they be discarded? Through this game, we will help Paco and Pepe… Alongside the magical Super R, we will say the words RECYCLE, REPAIR, and REUSE to perform actions and make them sustainable!

Here are some photos from the morning that flew by in a very fun way, and we can reveal that the game will be available in our online store very soon!

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