"Children don't play to learn, but learn because they play” Jean Piaget

Our methodology, sharing common ground with the Montessori, Waldorf, and Reggio Emilia methods, conveys the message positively through learning based on play, using games, competitions, and other pedagogical resources designed exclusively by the Club.

All our offerings are characterized by being:


It encourages improving consumption habits and values


It teaches to question, understand, and make conscious decisions


It simulates situations that resonate with their reality and provides applicable solutions in their environment


They discover and understand new concepts through active participation and research


Didactic and fun activities that facilitate the retention of concepts

We know the fashion industry from the inside, which gives us a clear vision of what we want to convey to future generations. The current need to integrate knowledge about sustainability into the education of responsible and proactive citizens is imperative. At The Positive Fashion Club, we offer an innovative and creative proposal that seeks to address this need in the textile area.

We do all of this from a positive and dynamic approach, avoiding falling into common practices used in the enviromental area that foster feelings of guilt and negative emotional impacts. This way, through our activities, we awaken the curiosity of children and young adults so they become aware of the power of their decisions, thereby acquiring learning that can be applied to other everyday consumer products. We provide them with the appropriate information so they can make decisions that reduce the impact their relationship with clothing has on the environment.

We design and deliver educational activities with exclusive content and teaching material. We create content considering curricular academic competencies, integrating mathematics, reading comprehension, critical thinking, environmental awareness, ethics, responsible consumption practices, solution-seeking, and teamwork, to name a few. Additionally, all our activities are available in both Spanish and English!

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