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Now available the “Paco & Pepe” game, which aims to raise awareness about the “3 R’s”: Repair, Recycle and Reuse.

“Paco & Pepe” an innovative card game, has been created by the designers of El Club de la Moda Positiva, Fiorella Biancardi and Sonja Raaste, with the aim of teaching about the manufacture of clothing, its care and the importance of sustainability, in an entertaining and didactic way. Developed for playing with the family, this game introduces players to a world where they will learn valuable lessons while having fun.

From the process of creating a garment to tips for keeping them in optimal condition, players will discover the importance of being conscious in the way we choose, wear and care for our clothing.

The main characters, Paco and Pepe, are a pair of endearing socks, who one day get separated on their way to the washing machine. Oh no! Now, one of them is pink! What does the future hold for them? Will they be discarded? Through this game, we will help Paco and Pepe… and together with the magic Super R we will pronounce the words RECYCLE, REPAIR and REUSE to perform the actions and make them sustainable!

“We wanted to create a playful experience that would not only entertain, but also educate about the clothes we wear every day. We used our experience and knowledge to create this game that is being very well received!” expressed Fiorella. “With Paco and Pepe as the main characters, we seek to connect with children and encourage their curiosity and awareness about how our choices affect the environment and how small actions can make a difference in sustainability,” added Sonja.

Fiorella and Sonja worked 20 years in the fashion and fast fashion industry, reaching a point where their values clashed with the reality of the industry. Both felt the need to create a project that would raise awareness about the reality of this industry in a positive and solution-oriented way.

According to a report of the Iberian Textile Recycling Association (Asirtex) of 2017, Spanish citizens consume 34 garments and throw away between 12 and 14 kilos of clothing per year, spending per person on clothing (in Europe) has gone from representing 30% of the shopping basket in 1950, to 12% in 2009 and 5% in 2020 and that reduction is due to “fast fashion”. More clothes are bought at lower prices and discarded earlier, increasing waste by 36% in the last fifteen years. An unbearable pace for our planet.

The game is available in our online store where you can also find the “Battle of Garments” card gameas well as some complementary and free didactic materials for parents and educators, facilitating the incorporation of sustainability lessons in educational environments.

Paco & Pepe represents a unique opportunity for young people to learn, play and become agents of change for a more sustainable future. The game is manufactured in Spain, in small productions, and with FSC certified materials and EU marking.

Get yours now!

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