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Let’s transform Black Friday into Green Friday for our planet!

Black Friday, turned into a two-week madness of intense consumerism

Black Friday, initially conceived as a day of discounts, has evolved into almost two weeks of intense consumerism with tempting offers that encourage impulsive purchases. This day turns out to be extremely harmful to our environment, truly ‘black‘ in that sense, with fashion playing a major role by representing a significant proportion of sales (53% for clothing and 39% for accessories) of the total items sold during these dates.

The environmental impact is disastrous: the acceleration of production implies a considerable increase in the consumption of raw materials, water, energy, CO2 emissions, and other greenhouse gases. Additionally, this commercial whirlwind intensifies the disposal of items, contributing to the increase of waste that ends up contaminating the air, water, and soil when deposited in landfills and incinerators.

Therefore, at The Positive Fashion Club, we seek to transform these BLACK dates into GREEN and urge you not to remain indifferent but to reinvent your consumption practices. The main premise is TO BUY ONLY IF YOU NEED IT. Having this in mind, you are already starting off on the right foot. However, if you are certain that you need something, consider these options:

Swap: You can try it in small groups with friends or family, or join larger events. Give this form of economy a chance; you have nothing to lose, and you could discover a new and sustainable way of consumption!

Second Life: Also, explore second-hand stores, let yourself be carried away by new colors or patterns, and find authentic treasures. Remember that the most sustainable garment is the one that already exists!

KM0: If you’re looking for something new, choose local products. By buying products produced near you, you are supporting your neighborhood, city, and country. Remember that each purchase is a vote in favor of more sustainable practices!

In addition to this, becoming a responsible consumer requires critical thinking, staying informed, analyzing… with this, you can make better choices when it comes to clothing. Let’s question:

WHAT IS IT MADE OF? Consider the use you will give to the item and choose the appropriate material. For occasionally used items, opt for biodegradable options, while for items requiring toughness and durability (like a ski jacket), choose resilient materials. However, avoid trendy colors or patterns, as this garment will last a long time.

WHAT DO I NEED? It sounds logical, but sometimes we overlook this question. We are accustomed to buying too much! Both during this season and throughout the year, it is essential to reduce our purchases, promoting reuse, repair, and exchange to mitigate the environmental impact of our actions.

Finally, we invite you to organize your wardrobe before making any decisions. Knowing what you already have will allow you to understand what you need and have the clarity necessary for your purchases to have a meaningful purpose. Download our fun guide here.

Image: Pexels Liza Summer

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